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2021 DUO-Belgium Wallonia-Brussels Fellowship Programme

Deadline : April 15, 2021

Applications for the 2021 DUO-Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels Fellowship Programme are now open. Established in 2014, DUO-Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels Fellowship Programme aims to promote exchanges of professors between Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels and 22 Asian countries on a balanced and permanent basis.

Applicants must therfore be members of the academic or scientific staff of an institution of a Wallonia-Brussels Higher Education Institution or of one of the 22 Asian Higher Education Institution

For the DUO-Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels Fellowship, exchange is usually done by pairs. That is, one professor from a Wallonia-Brussels Higher Education Institution is hosted by an Asian Higher Education Institution, at the same time, a professor from an Asian Higher Education Institution is hosted by a Wallonia-Brussels institution.


If you apply and get selected for this scholarship, you will be eligible for the following benefits

  • The exchange usually has a duration of at least three weeks to a maximum two months, per person
  • This program offers a grant to the pair of professors worth 5,000 € to be shared between the two professors according to a distribution key agreed in the convention.
  • Program participants may use the grant to cover the travel expenses and per diem capped at the amount of the grant.
  • Please note that this grant will be paid off in instalments, that is, the last instalment is paid after both professors have submitted their mission report.
  • To apply, you must be a a professor at an HEI in Belgium or in one of the participating Asian Countries (Full list here)
  • You must be a member of the academic or scientific staff of an institution of a Wallonia-Brussels HEI or an Asian HEI
  • The institutional participating in the exchange in Wallonia-Brussels and in the participating Asian countries must be recognized/accredited by the competent authorities in the field of higher education

An institution belonging to the Wallonia Brussels Federation must apply on behalf of both partner institutions. The responsible person must complete the 2021 application form for the ASEM-DUO Wallonia-Brussels Fellowship Programme available online on both the website of the ARES and ASEM-DUO.

The application form must be typewritten and submitted in PDF format. To accompany your application forms, you will need the following documents

  • The Applicant’s copy of the academic cooperation agreement between paired institutions or the declaration of intent to sign one in the two following years;
  • Applicant’s passport copies or the national identity card of the two applicants.

The application file must be formally submitted by the institution belonging to the Wallonia Brussels Federation, as one single PDF document to: [email protected]

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit the official website here

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