European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) RIS Fellowships project


Deadline : April 13, 2020 .  

Apply now for the fully funded European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) RIS Fellowships project. This year, 40 MSc students and graduates with different educational backgrounds as well as Ph.D. students and post-docs from 28 RIS countries will discover job opportunities in the food industry, by getting unique, professional, paid, 3-6 months internships within the framework of EIT Food RIS Fellowships project. Unlike other scholarship projects, the MSc students and graduates will reveal their talents in agri-food sector, throughout gaining hands-on experiences and strengthening their job-related skills, including analytical thinking and creative problem solving.

During the recruitment process they will look for young passionate people from higher education upon the return to their homes RIS countries, will spur a wave of entrepreneurial innovations and support the development of the local agri-food ecosystem

If you are a student or graduate of MSc (Fellowships) or Ph.D. student or post-doc (Talents) from one of the 28 RIS countries, then hurry up to book your place among either big companies like PepsiCo, Puratos, Danone, Givaudan and Grupo AN, or small start-ups like Napiferyn Biotech, Agricolus, Foodpairing, Entomics Biosystems or many others


Benefits for applicants are as below.

  • RIS Fellowships candidates will benefit from professional recruitment process with corporate background as well as workshops organized in 17 EIT Hubs locations all over the Europe, which stimulate analytical skills and creative problem solving.
  • Accepted applicants will recieve 1,350€ (Fellowships) – 2,000€ (Talents) gross grant/month for support their expenses.
  • Gain hand-on experiences by creative problem solving and solving real work problematic situations of the organizations
  • Improve your curriculum vitae and get contacts and opportunities that will open up doors for your professional life.
  • Enrich yourself knowing another country and getting involved in its culture


To be eligible, you must fulfill the following criteria

  • You must be a student or graduate of MSc (RIS Fellowships); Ph.D. student or post-doc (RIS Talents)
  • You must have an interest in the agri-food sector.
  • You must have proactive attitude and be passionate about extra activities;
  • You must be eager to gain new experience, willing to learn and self-motivated;
  • You must have analytical skills, be open-minded, goal-oriented and team player;
  • You must be ready to work in an international environment and speaks English very well;
  • You must be available min. 3 months from July until December 2020;
  • You must have a cross-country mobility allowances and health insurance.
  • You must be a citizen of one of the following countries:
    • Albania, Czech Rep, Italy *, Slovenia, Poland **, Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Spain ***, Portugal, Bosnia & Herz., Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Malta, Ukraine,, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Moldova, Serbia, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia, Montenegro


Eligible interns will be selected in 3 stages recruitment procedure:

STAGE 1: On-line application

  • complete all the sections of the online form
  • share 1-minute self-video

STAGE 2: Workshops

  • take part in 1-day workshop in 1 of 17 locations
  • solve group case-study and take paper/pencil tests

STAGE 3: Interview

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit RIS Fellowships project


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