General Horticulture Scholarship at Warsaw University of Life Sciences


Deadline : December 20, 2019 .  

Apply for the General Horticulture Study in Poland Scholarship. The project goal is to make educational offer of the second cycle studies in the field of General Horticulture. If You are going to increase Your chances on in the polish and international job market do not hesitate to take part in a project offering second cycle studies with English as the teaching language in the field of Horticulture.

The project has also attracted foreign students who will be provided with classes in a summer school that will prepare them to continue their education or take up a job in Poland.

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Polish: Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego, SGGW) is the largest agricultural university in Poland, established in 1816 in Warsaw. It employs over 2,600 staff including over 1,200 academic educators. The University is since 2005 a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) which was established in 2001. WULS-SGGW is among the premier Polish institutions of higher education.

The campus is located is the southernmost district of Warsaw, Ursynów. The campus has a historic part, with an 18th century palace, and a contemporary part where most of the faculty buildings and dormitories are situated. On 70-hectare main campus are located 12 dormitories, modern, well equipped research laboratories, rich and fully computerized Main Library, over 50 computer laboratories with Internet access, an indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a weight room, a veterinary clinic, an indoor equestrian facility and many other facilities accessible to students.


  • 19500 PLN (    4960 USD) - You obtain from The Project 1500 PLN/month scholarship (2-380 USD) for  13 months
  • acquisition of cornpetences and qualifications required by employers and necessary to find employment consistent with education,
  • getting familiar with the latest trends and solutions used worldwide in general horticulture disciplines,
  • opportunity of joining international society of the horticulture branch to make contacts which thanks to acquisition of  specialist terminology can lead to employment in foreign  companies,
  • gaining experience in cooperation with students of different origins and backgrounds.


The project can be participated by students from abroad who:

  • graduated from the first cycle studies and were conferred the B.Sc. degree in the field of Horticulture and Plant Agriculture,
  • graduated from other horticultural, agricultural, and plant base studies,
  • graduates of other studies need to have an interview in order to confirm the effects of teaching and positively complete the recruitment process to be qualified to take part in the project,
  • English language certificate at level B2 Common European language description system or passed English exam from first cycle studies,
  • sign a declaration of participation in the project.


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For more information, visit General Horticulture Study