Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program at Harvard University in the U.S


Deadline: October 1, 2020

Apply for the Radcliffe Fellowship. The Program awards 50 fellowships each academic year to individuals or in a group of two to three people working on the same project. The program seeks diversity along many dimensions, including discipline, career stage, race and ethnicity, country of origin, gender and sexual orientation, and ideological perspective.

Fellows come from many different backgrounds and are united by their demonstrated excellence, collegiality, and creativity. Radcliffe fellows are exceptional scientists, writers, scholars, public intellectuals, practitioners, and artists whose work is making a difference in their professional fields and in the larger world


Successful applicants will benefit from a scholarship program as described below:

  • Radcliffe Institute fellows are in residence for a period of nine months from September 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022 and receive a stipend of $78,000 plus an additional $5,000 to cover project expenses.
  • Fellows are expected to be free of their regular commitments so that they may fully devote themselves to the work outlined in their proposal.
  • As this is a residential fellowship, fellows are expected to reside in the Greater Boston area for the duration of their fellowship.
  • Fellows may be eligible to receive additional funds for moving expenses, childcare, and housing to aid them in making a smooth transition.
  • Healthcare options are made available as needed.


The program is open for 4 major categories:

  1. Humanists and Social Scientists
  2. Creative Artists (including Journalists and Nonfiction writers)
  3. Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians
  4. Practitioners

As a general eligibility criteria, applicants must:

  • Have received their doctorate (or appropriate terminal degree) in the area of their proposed project at least two years prior to their appointment as a fellow (December 2019 for the 2021-22 fellowship year).
  • Have published a monograph or at least two articles in refereed journals or edited collections. (for Humanists and Social Scientists Applicants)
  • Have published at least five articles in refereed journals. Most science, engineering, and mathematics fellows have published dozens of articles. ( for Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians applicants)


To apply for the scholarship, you are advised to follow the following procedure.

  1. Determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for your selected discipline.
  2. Make note of the application deadline above.
  3. Begin an application by clicking on the tab above and registering as a new user.
  4. Reach out to recommenders well in advance of the deadline. You will be asked to provide the contact information for three references, who will be prompted, via email, to upload a letter in support of your application.

Required Documents:

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Project proposal, with bibliography when appropriate
  • Writing or work sample
  • Three letters of recommendation

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit The Radcliffe Fellowship Program


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