The 2021 Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship Programme for Africans


Deadline : April 16, 2020 .  

Aply for the 2021 Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship Programme for Africans. The program is looking for people with the courage and commitment to aspire to the principles below. You must have previously assumed leadership positions and made an impact on your campus or community, by living out these values. The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is for postgraduate study (Honours and Masters degrees) in any field, with the exception of MBAs, which we do not fund. You can study at any recognised South African institution of higher education.

The scholarship combines financial support with a leadership programme that will challenge you, grow you, and connect you to young African changemakers, It covers tuition for a one-year Honours degree or a two-year Masters degree in any field at a recognised South African institution of higher education. This includes tuition and registration fees, allowances for study materials, research, and medical aid, accommodation and meals, and economy class travel to and from your home country to your South African university at the beginning and end of your degree. You will also receive a personal allowance.


Selected candidates will benefit from the following provisions

  • Tuition and registration fees as set by your university or institution
  • A study materials allowance as set by the MRF
  • Accommodation and meal allowances as set by the MRF
  • A medical aid allowance as set by the MRF
  • A personal allowance as set by the MRF
  • Research and conferencing grants can be made available on request
  • Economy-class flights for international scholars from their home countries to their institutions at the start and end of their studies


To be considered for the program, you must fulfill the following conditions

  • Students who are citizens of an African country, no matter where they are currently living or studying, are eligible to apply
  • You must be between the ages of 19 and 29 at the time of applying, you are eligible. As long as you are under the age of 30 at the time you take up the scholarship, you are eligible to apply
  • You must be academically strong: your marks should be above 70%. You must also have demonstrated leadership on your campus or in your community. See the selection criteria and the scholar testimonials.
  • You can apply if you are completing your undergraduate degree in 2020, but it must be complete by the time you take up the Scholarship in January 2021, should you be selected


In addition to completing an online application form, candidates should upload the following as part of their application:

  • You must have secured admission to your university of choice by January of your year in residence.
  • You must accept the scholarship for the year that it is offered - it cannot be deferred.
  • You must attend and participate in all activities of the leadership development programme, and travel outside South Africa, even for research purposes, will not be accepted as a reason for absence.

Interested students should submit the following documents

  • Recommenders: They require three letters of recommendation as part of your application. Your recommenders must submit their letters through our application platform.
  • Documentation: You will be required to upload certificates of completion for your degrees, transcripts of your academic results, and scans of your ID and passport documents.
  • Essays: You will be asked to write two short essays, one on your personal journey, and one on a specific question relating to our principles.
  • You will be asked to fill in your proposed course of Application for university: study on your application. They do not require proof that you have applied, but we recommend that you apply as soon as possible, and to more than one university.
To apply Click Here

For more information, visit Mandela Rhodes Scholarship


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