Apply for the NED Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program

Apply for the NED Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program 2021/22


Deadline : October 1, 2020 .  

Apply for the NED Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program 2021/22 in the U.S. The Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program hosts democracy activists, scholars, and journalists for five-month fellowships, bringing fresh insights and perspectives to Washington, DC. This amazing fellowship offers an opportunities to explore new ideas in a comparative context, undertake individual research, and share best practices with one another.

This fellowship is named in honor of NED’s principal founders, former president Ronald Reagan and the late congressman Dante Fascell (D-Fl.)The Fellows Program is a federally funded, international exchange program that offers democracy activists, journalists, civil society leaders, and scholars from around the world the opportunity to spend five months in residence at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), in Washington, D.C., in order to undertake independent research on democracy in a particular country or region.

For up to five-month (October 1-February 28 or March 1-July 31) for practitioners to improve strategies and techniques for building democracy abroad and five-month fellowships for scholars to conduct original research for publication,fellows reflect on their experiences, engage with counterparts, conduct research and writing, consider best practices and lessons learned, and develop professional relationships within a global network of democracy advocates. Already impressed? you could be part of this experience.


If selected for the fellows program, you will be eligible for the following benefits

  • You will receive a monthly stipend for living expenses, plus basic health insurance and roundtrip travel to and from Washington, D.C., at the beginning and end of the fellowship period.
  • Fellowship payments are calculated to cover cost of a short-term, furnished rental apartment, plus “cost of living” for food, local transportation, and other necessities.
  • Fellows are provided with a fully equipped office, plus a limited budget for long-distance phone calls and professional travel within the United States.

Please note:  Fellows who wish to bring family members with them to Washington, D.C., will be expected to cover the costs of their dependents’ round trip travel and stay within the United States. The program has no provision for costs incurred in such a situation


In order to be part of this experience, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • You should demonstrate proficiency in the English language
  • You should propose a project focusing on the political, social, economic, legal or cultural aspects of democratic development
  • You must be available to work in residence at the International Forum for Democratic Studies in Washington, D.C. during the 5 month fellowship period

Also, applicants on the practitioner track should:

  • Have substantial practical experience working to promote democracy or human rights in their country of origin or interest.
  • Be mid-career professionals

Applicants on the scholarly track should:

  • Possess a doctorate (a Ph.D., or academic equivalent) at the time of application
  • Have a proven record of publications in their field
  • Have developed a detailed research outline for their fellowship project


The fellows program holds an annual competition for fellowships, with applications due by October 1. Applications are assessed through a rigorous evaluation process, including expert external and internal review, culminating in the selection of finalists by the Endowment’s Board of Directors. All applicants are notified of the competition’s outcome in mid-April. Recommendation letters must reach the office by Oct. 8. All documents must be in English

In order to ensure a competitive selection process for the many candidates who apply each year, the Reagan-Fascell program is unable to offer fellowship deferrals except under extraordinary circumstances. Awardees who are unable to accept a fellowship in the year for which they applied may be asked to reapply if they remain interested in pursuing a fellowship in a future year

To successfully apply for the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship you must first create an account through the online portal and submit the required documents as described below

  1. Applicant information
  2. Project proposal for the practitioner or the scholarly fellowship track
  3. Letters of recommendation
  4. Resume/CV and Biography

To apply  Click Here

For more information, visit Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program


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